Thursday, August 16, 2012

Catching up - March through July 2012

Well we have just been soooo busy over the past few months, mom didn't have any time to post pictures on my blog.  We decided to dump some highlights up, so you can get a sense for what we have been up to. Sorry if they are a bit disorganized!  Enjoy!

By lake Wingra in March. I love lakes because I am a bona fide Sconnie Boy!

I'm experimenting with sleeping in cat and dog beds. Here I am at our friend Cindy and Mitch's house, sleeping in Augie Doggie's bed.

Playing at the park with daddy in March.

I love love love motorcycles!  I call them "bikers". This looks just like the toy one that my mom got me at the Harley Davidson store.  I was so excited!!!

My cousins Evan and Tate came to visit to help me celebrate my 2nd birthday, in April.  Here we are at the park!

Here I am at my birthday party. I had a late nap, so I was kind of crabby and overwhelmed by all the people. But it was so fun to have all my friends and family over. My Mee-Maw, Bee-Paw, Uncle Dan, Aunt Jill, cousins Evan and Tate, all visited from Urbana. My day-care friends Ruby, JoJo, Amelia, and Zachary came along with their moms (Naomi and Erika), and of course Jenee!  Our friends Brian and Laura brought newborn baby Sylvia and of course Jocelyn. Kristyn and Lochlan brought Calista, who was also feeling very shy. Jo and Syd brought Owen.  Lincoln and his mom Rebecca came from down the street. Yay, thanks everyone for helping me have a great birthday!!

My mom baked two cakes, and dad helped decorate!

I love my Uncle Dan!

Mom took me on the bus downtown to see the capital. I want to be a senator!

Peekaboo fence!


At the park in May.

Celebrating mother's day with breakfast in bed.  I ate mom's bacon!

Terrace time in May.

More Terrace time, with dad!

Farmer's market in May.

We went to Whipporwill resort at Lower Bottle lake in Minnesota with the Sauer clan. I was intrigued by the boat oars. We don't have too many good pictures from the trip, but I had a fabulous time with my cousins.

Beach time at the lake!

Stopping in Eau Claire, WI, on the way back from the lake.

Hot summer... gotta stay cool while sleeping.

Here I am with my cousins Maeve and Gwen Ellis. They came to visit Urbana with my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jon.  They are such a blast!

Fourth of July Sconnie boy, check out my Uppsala University tshirt!!

With dad on the ferry that goes across Lake Michigan. We went over to Muskegon for Emily and Jordan's wedding in July. Emily was mom's PhD student and Jordan was another PhD student in CEE at UW.  They are such a great couple, it was so fun to celebrate with them!

Our attempt at a family photo... oh well.  

With the glowing bride!  Congratulations Emily!

On the ferry, heading home.

More park time in July!

Ed Grimmly impersonation... this is all very exciting, I must say!!

What, doesn't everyone where DVD cases on their heads as hats?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March snow

A gorgeous sticky heavy snow fall!  So tasty too.

Heading to the sledding hill.

Not so sure about the wind up here on the hill behind our middle school.  It's a great hill for sledding, dad says, but I'm not quite ready for it.

Hot chocolate at home after sledding.  The best!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Train show at the Alliant Energy Center

Check it out, we went to a huuuuuuge train show at the Alliant Energy Center this weekend. It was totally mind-blowing. So many trains!  I almost couldn't handle the excitement. We didn't get any good pictures, but my friend Finn was there with his mom Ainslie and dad Spencer, so we had some fun hanging out with them too.